About the Company

Discover my journey into insurance consulting


Explore the road I've traveled to become an insurance consultant.

With dreams of making a meaningful difference, my own adversity inspired me to improve others’ lives through informed insurance choices. After an accident brought on financial hardships, I understood firsthand the crucial role of insurance and health benefits. When I joined Aflac as a Benefits Consultant, it became a chance to turn that understanding into action. I tackled the intricate needs of individuals and organizations, protecting them from life’s twists and turns.

Over time, seeing firsthand how many people needed help navigating their health insurance was eye-opening. It became clear that offering guidance and service for health insurance was a necessity, and I became determined to provide support in assembling the complete benefits package as well as help individuals navigate health insurance.

Compelled by the mission to demystify insurance for the people who needed it, I threw myself into mastering every detail of the policies and the greater industry trends. My pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop there; amidst full-time work, I accelerated my studies at Dickinson State University, achieving my bachelor’s degree with a concentrated curriculum in business and insurance strategies.

Aiding me in the mission was the help and support of many. The guidance of mentors, the generous support shared by colleagues, and the unwavering trust from clients formed the company’s solid foundation. Indeed, the community’s enthusiastic embrace of the new comprehensive insurance solutions has affirmed the commitment to service.

Today at Seth Anderson Insurance, my commitment to service is stronger than ever. I’m dedicated to providing not just good, but great policies for my clients—individuals and businesses alike. It’s all about delivering top-notch health and employee benefit packages that are as cost-effective as they are comprehensive. Ensuring my clients have the best coverage without breaking the bank isn’t just a goal—it’s what I do every day.

Our Approach

We attentively listen to understand each client’s unique needs, crafting personalized insurance solutions with compassion and precision.

Our Mission

Offering accessible, top-tier, and cost-effective policies –  we care about your needs and work hard to create a package that fits your goals.


Our Values

Rooted in empathy and altruism, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community and elevating society with service and integrity. 

Our Vision

Anderson Agency envisions growth from a single-consultant powerhouse to a multi-agent insurance leader in Bismarck, North Dakota.